25.11.2021 | News

Golding drives implementation of ESG with Christian Schütz as new Director ESG

Golding Capital Partners, one of Europe’s leading independent asset managers for alternative investments, is taking the next step in the ongoing development of its own ESG structures and expertise. For the first time, the company is pooling all its ESG functions in a new position filled by Christian Schütz, who will be the central liaison officer for implementing the company’s ambitious sustainability goals both internally and with regard to its investments. He holds a master in business studies and is a CFA with 16 years of experience in the investment business, most recently at PIMCO as Senior Vice President Credit Research, and a member of its global sustainability initiative. There he played a leading role in the integration of ESG criteria into the credit analysis process and acquired expertise in the fields of energy and climate risks.

“We have been deeply engaged with the topics of sustainability and ESG for many years. As part of our consistent and ongoing work to develop the corresponding structures we have now recruited an experienced expert in the person of Christian Schütz”, said Dr Matthias Reicherter, Managing Partner and CIO of Golding Capital Partners. “Sustainability deserves and needs a dedicated full-time staff member to act as a beacon internally and externally. We believe it is vital for our investors, business partners and employees to ensure that we are taking a coherent, systematic approach to the key subject of ESG.”

Christian Schütz started his career as a credit research analyst at PIMCO, one of the biggest asset managers in the world, while he was still studying management at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt in 2005. He worked in this area in Munich until 2011, before being made responsible for European utilities in London. From 2015 onwards he also led the credit analysis team for the energy sector (oil and gas) in Europe, Middle East and Africa. 

At the same time Christian Schütz played an active, leading role in driving the group’s ESG and sustainability activities. He was largely responsible for defining the strategy to implement ESG criteria within active credit management operations. As a member of PIMCO’s global sustainability initiative since its inception he was particularly involved with the analysis of climate risks and with climate and CO2 stress tests. 

With this new appointment in the ESG field, coming shortly after the recruitment of a specialised impact investing team, Golding has underlined the importance of sustainability for its future corporate strategy and positioning.

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