Our philosophy: Quality is decisive

Alternative investments generate stable long-term returns that are largely independent of economic cycles. However, one important condition for successful investment is to choose the right managers and investment vehicles; which in an ever-growing and fragmented fund universe is a complex task.

Access to leading fund managers

Thanks to the long experience and outstanding capabilities of our team in the management of the asset classes private equity, private debt and infrastructure we are able to secure this high investment quality for our investors.

We know the best fund managers in the world with the most promising strategies and monitor their performance continuously. When we select managers we concentrate on independent target funds with extensive experience and a proven track record. This gives our investors access to top international funds with the prospect of achieving a substantially above-average risk-adjusted return in the future.

Guaranteed fair:
the Golding Guarantee

Golding Capital Partners aims always to act in accordance with the interests of its investors. We have put this principle into practice in an innovative fee structure, which is based strictly on investors' financial success: the Golding Guarantee.

"We only receive fees when investors earn profits and always more for you!"

That means there are no early losses from high management fees, which flattens the typical J-curve considerably. Our interests are fully aligned with those of our investors and potential return risks are divided fairly.