Information pursuant to Article 8 of the Swiss Financial Services Act (FIDLEG)

Client information for Golding Capital Partners GmbH pursuant to Article 8 of the Swiss Financial Services Act (Finanzdienstleistungsgesetz – FIDLEG) for clients in Switzerland


Information on the financial service provider

The financial service provider is a limited liability company (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung – GmbH) listed in the commercial register of the local court in Munich (Amtsgericht München) under HRB 138005. Its reg-istered office is at Einsteinstrasse 172, D-81677 Munich. 

It provides financial services for asset classes such as private equity, private debt and infrastructure and is regis-tered on the list of approved financial service institutes of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht - BaFin) with a permit pursuant to Section 15 of the German Investment Firm Act Wertpapierinstitutsgesetz (WpIG) for rendering investment brokerage and investment advisory services. Address: Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, Marie-Curie-Strasse 24-28, D-60439 Frankfurt am Main. The financial service provider is not entitled to procure proprietorship or ownership of monies or securities of clients while providing financial services.

The financial service provider does not have a licence to act as a bank, manager of portfolios of investments, manager of undertakings for collective investments, fund management company or securities firm.


Information on the financial service

Outside the Group, the financial service provider merely provides financial services pursuant to Article 3 (c) 1) and 2) of the Swiss Financial Services Act (FIDLEG), meaning the acquisition and sale of financial instruments and the reception and transmission of orders involving financial instruments (investment brokerage). This is a so-called non-advisory transaction. The financial service provider does not make any personal recommenda-tions to clients that are based on an examination of the client's personal circumstances or are depicted as be-ing suitable for the client. The financial instruments are merely depicted as suitable for a group of clients and not for any specific client.

Therefore, the financial service provider does not conduct an examination of appropriateness and suitability.

Financial services rendered by the financial service provider relate exclusively to the offering of shares in col-lective investments pursuant to Luxembourg law administered by a manager of undertakings for collective investments within the Group. Clients receive detailed information on these financial instruments, which in-cludes in particular the information and, most importantly, investment strategy prescribed for the client group in the Financial Services Act and the opportunities and risks involved. 

All information on the financial instruments can be obtained free of charge from the financial service provider or the manager of undertakings for collective investments. 

To this extent, the financial service agreed with clients neither includes the management of financial instru-ments (portfolio management) pursuant to Article 3 (c) 3) of the Financial Services Act, nor the making of per-sonal recommendations relating to transactions with financial instruments (investment advisory) pursuant to Article 3 (c) 4) of the Financial Services Act. The financial service provider also refrains from making any invest-ment decisions. Investment decisions are made solely by the client.

The financial service provider offers no guarantee of a return on or the success of the investment made.


Client segmentation

The financial service provider only provides financial services to qualified investors pursuant to Article 10 (3) of the Swiss Collective Investment Schemes Act (Kollektivanlagengesetz - KAG), particularly professional clients pursuant to Article 4 (3) of the Financial Services Act. Furthermore, the financial service provider also provides financial services in individual cases to private investment structures that have been set up for wealthy retail clients (vermögende Privatkunden), insofar as they have declared that they wish to be considered professional clients (opting out). 

Professional clients possess sufficient experience, knowledge and expertise and are, consequently, capable of making their own investment decisions and appreciating the associated risks. Investor protection for these cli-ent groups is limited when compared to retail clients. The scope and depth of content of the description of the financial instruments and the representation in words are based on the expected level of knowledge and the specialist knowledge of this client group.

The client is generally not informed of the classification made by the financial service provider, being only informed if the classification of the company does not correspond to the classification which the client chooses itself in the subscription document for the financial instrument.


Information on the financial instruments

Financial instruments are always associated with risks, and so are the financial instruments offered by the fi-nancial service provider. An investment in the financial instruments offered by the financial service provider represents an entrepreneurial participation which, in addition to opportunities for good returns, also involves risks, including the total loss of the capital invested. An investment decision should be made exclusively on the basis of the particular offering memorandum, depending on the legal form, the contract of association, articles of association or management regulations, the subscription document and the latest net asset value and the last annual report. 

The features and function of the financial instruments offered by the financial service provider and the risks (of loss) and any liabilities and costs for clients arising from the financial instruments result from the offering memorandum. 


Information on economic ties 

The financial service provider is part of the Golding Capital Partners Group. Website: No economic ties exist to other third-party companies. 


Information on the market offer considered

The financial service provider only offers collective investments managed by the Group. Other financial instru-ments are not considered.


Cost transparency

The financial service provider does not collect any fees of its own directly from the client in the context of investment brokerage. 

The financial instruments regularly have to bear administration and depositary fees and transaction costs and other expenses and fees within the legal and investment contract framework. Clients receive detailed infor-mation on costs before the transaction is concluded (ex-ante) via the offering memorandum. This document contains an overview of costs and incidental costs associated with the financial instrument. 


Ombudsman’s office

As the financial service provider offers its services exclusively to professional clients, the financial service pro-vider is under no obligation to attach itself to an ombudsman’s office (Ombudsstelle) and, consequently, is not associated with any such office.