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Private markets with strategic vision and personal proximity.

A shared vision and the right investment strategy for it - that is what we aim to develop with our investors. Golding is all about long term stable, resilient investments, regular distributions and secure returns from investments that make a positive contribution to the future of our society – now and in decades to come.
Golding Capital Hubertus Theile-Ochel

The combination of smart technological solutions and personal advice that tailors the return profile precisely to the investor - that is our greatest strength.

Hubertus Theile-Ochel
Managing Partner


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Understanding is the beginning of strong connections.

Golding specialises in the needs of institutional investors. With over two decades of experience, we know the situation of insurance companies, pension funds, pension schemes, savings banks and other investors inside out. To keep it that way, we are in constant contact with our clients and fund managers worldwide.

However, we see our role not only in having understanding - but also in creating it. We talk to our investors about new developments, alternative investments, the successful integration of ESG criteria and our track record in impact investing. We are valued as a point of contact and actively share our knowledge and experience.


Three strong trends emerging from our current consultations:

  1. Many investors have an increased need for advice because society, the economy and consequently also investment strategies are in a state of flux. Alternative investments bring stability to portfolios - they reduce volatility, limit the risk of loss and offer protection against inflation.

  2. Investments that take ESG criteria into account offer the benefits of improved risk management, new potential for value appreciation and increased risk-adjusted returns over the longer term.

  3. Impact investing is here to stay. Investors who were reluctant to consider it two years ago are now coming back to us for advice.


If you think ahead about the social and environmental impact of an investment, you will make different – and better - investment decisions.

Dr Matthias Reicherter
Chief Investment Officer · Managing Partner

Alternative investments: a positive effect on every portfolio.

Insurance companies, pension funds, savings banks and other institutional investors are faced with the challenge of improving the profitability of their investment portfolios without overstretching their risk-bearing capacity. We advise our clients on innovative fund concepts, giving them access to particularly sustainable alternative investments and here we mean sustainable both in terms of returns and their impact on society and the environment.

Our services include close support with the introduction of the relevant business processes, from reporting and monitoring to risk management. This benefits small and medium-sized investors in particular, who often lack the resources to enter into alternative investments and clarify the tax, legal and regulatory issues.


institutional investors

The very best fund managers for your portfolio.

The basis of every investment is comprehensive due diligence of the potential target funds. Our goal: a long term partnership across several fund generations. That is why we rely on leading international fund managers and know each of them personally. In this way, we can ensure compliance with our principles of responsible investing.

How we invest 

Golding offers a variety of access routes to alternative investments.