Alternative Investments

A genuine alternative for institutional investors

Low interest rates are becoming a longer-term phenomenon and increasing the pressure to generate returns. Traditional fixed-income instruments do not offer adequate investment opportunities. Alternative investments that meet key criteria for institutional investors are therefore becoming more attractive.

Generally speaking, alternative assets make a positive contribution to the result of capital investments. Even an allocation of 1% of total investment capital can generate a substantial additional return. A welcome side-effect is that expanding the investment universe reduces the volatility of the overall portfolio. Alternative investments also offer stable returns independently of the economic cycle.

As with other forms of capital investment, higher risks can be mitigated by diversifying across segments and regions. 

What types of alternative investments does Golding Capital Partners offer?

Private Equity

Medium-sized companies offer a wealth of investment opportunities, but most of them are not listed on a stock exchange. Specialised managers provide access to the earnings potential of this asset class.
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Private Debt

Unlisted credit strategies offer investors attractive interest income and significant potential for capital appreciation. Experienced managers are able to find attractive financing situations with solid, fast-growing companies.
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Investments in energy, transport and public utility infrastructure are characterised by attractive, stable income and low volatility. This makes the asset class particularly valuable for institutional investors with a long-term investment horizon.
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