Investment programmes

Maximum diversification combined with minimum administrative expense.

For investors seeking to improve the return potential of their portfolio with private equity, private debt or infrastructure, investment programmes represent an attractive solution. With an investment programme the investor makes broadly diversified commitments to high-potential target funds, which provides efficient exposure to a large number of transactions. Broad diversification reduces the risk of loss demonstrably and stabilises overall portfolio earnings. At the same time the investment structure opens the way to alternative investments (which generally have restricted access), without the great administrative expense of a direct investment.

Investment programmes from Golding Capital Partners have a number of advantages:

  • They enable a broad diversification of risk and therefore low overall return volatility by investing in different regions, sectors and vintage years.
  • The risk of choosing underperforming managers is reduced by our professional, systematically structured fund selection process.
  • As established asset managers with great experience and a wide network of fund relationships we give investors access to the leading fund managers with outstanding track records, whose funds rarely accept new investors.
  • Golding Capital Partners provides services including fund administration and fund reporting, which reduces the administrative burden for investors considerably.
  • At Golding Capital Partners the innovative fee structure known as the Golding Guarantee virtually eliminates the J-curve that is otherwise common with alternative investments.

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