Private Equity Impact Investing

With Impact Investments into a sustainable future

Our way of life today poses two major challenges: climate change and global inequality. Companies with transformative business models can have a measurable impact on solving these global challenges.

Focus on environmental and social impact

Environment and society are interrelated: Human activities are causing environmental damage and shifts in climate patterns across the globe. Additionally, environmental degradation threatens the economic catch-up in emerging markets. Solving these challenges requires investments in companies with transformative business models. At Golding, we want to generate a positive, quantifiable contribution towards a sustainable future without compromising on returns.

Our approach

Golding Capital Partners is pursuing a global private equity impact strategy based on environmental and social sustainability targets that are ambitious, quantifiable and integrated. The new fund will focus on companies in Europe, North America and emerging markets with transformative business models in the areas of green solutions, sustainable food and agricultural technologies, and financial services and other sustainable sectors in Emerging Markets. 

Our expertise

Golding Capital Partners has more than 20 years of experience as a fund of funds manager and has a well-established and proven platform. Our dedicated impact team has been part of the impact ecosystem for more than ten years. Thanks to our comprehensive and excellent network and many years of market experience we have access to the highest quality target funds.

Good reasons for Impact Investing

  • Impact investing to address climate change and global inequality
  • Global, diversified portfolio of growth-stage impact funds with deep domain expertise and local presence 
  • Substantial risk diversification across geographies, managers and strategies 
  • Broad impact across multiple sustainability goals
  • Attractive risk-adjusted target returns and comprehensive impact management
  • Significant Golding co-investment to align interest with investors

Impact Investing also entails risks

Please note that Impact investments also entail several risks. 

  • It cannot be guaranteed that any particular return or income targets are met. Past returns and forecasts are no guarantee for future success. 
  • Neither can it be guaranteed that the promoted environmental or social characteristics will be met or that the targeted sustainable investment will be achieved.
  • Minority shareholders that are not involved in the management of a impact fund have no or only limited means of exerting an influence over the fund manager. 
  • At the level of the impact funds it is usually permitted to use not insignificant levels of debt, known as leverage. Although the use of leverage can improve the returns, it also increases the potential for losses.
  • The market values of the impact funds may be subject to considerable volatility as a result of macroeconomic factors and/or other market conditions. 
  • Sustainability risks can have an impact on the market value and solvency of the assets held by impact funds
  • Impact funds are generally not regulated investment vehicles and only offer limited protection to investors. 
  • The investment strategy covers Emerging Markets and macroeconomic risks in these regions could be higher than in developed economies.
  • Investors bear the tax and regulatory risks associated with the impact funds and the investments they make. There is no guarantee that the regulatory and/or the tax environment – also with retroactive effect – will not change during the term of the investment. A change of the regulatory and/or tax environment might result in additional financial burdens, which might negatively affect the return on investment. If the risks materialise, investors in the impact funds may incur losses up to the total loss of their invested capital.

Please note that the risks listed above are not exhaustive and therefore, an investment decision cannot be based on this summary. Before making an investment, the investor shall consider its individual situation and shall carefully read the detailed description of the risk factors, which can be found in the Private Placement Memoranda for the specific investment programs.