Responsible Investments

We consistently exert our influence on society by investing responsibly.

A long-term, responsible approach to business is part of Golding’s commercial ethos. We are committed to ethical, lawful conduct and equally require this from all our employees and business partners.

ESG analysis as an integral components of the investment process

It is our understanding that we can only fulfil our role as an asset manager and our responsibility towards society when we integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into our decision-making processes. We are convinced that this not only helps us to do justice to our position in society, but also results in improved risk management practices and an enhanced identification of value creation potential within our investments. We do not consider the three elements in isolation, but rather take a holistic view and treat them as a whole.

Our conviction is expressed by the fact that we have been a signatory of the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (UN PRI) since 2013. Those principles guide us as we integrate ESG aspects into our decisions and processes.

We have defined our commitment to responsible investment in our own policy. ESG aspects are taken into account both before and after the investment decision. A multi-stage management approach is in place for this purpose and applies to all investments, regardless of how they are originated.

Signatory of UNPRI

In the current UN PRI Assessment Report 2020, Golding has been awarded with an A+ rating for our manager selection and monitoring approach in all three asset classes private Equity, private debt and infrastructure (median: A). We have also received an A-rating in the category strategy and governance (median: A).

We consider the integration and management of ESG aspects to be a process of continuous improvement. We regularly evaluate and optimise our own ESG activities.