Managed Accounts

The tailor-made investment strategy

Golding Capital Partners offers tailor-made managed accounts for institutional investors – individual investment programmes based on specific investment requirements and objectives. The structure of the managed account, the definition of the investment strategy and the selection and review of individual investments can be precisely tailored to the client's needs.

Investment according to individual wishes

As an established provider of managed accounts and a long-term partner, Golding Capital Partners advises a large number of institutional investors on individual investment strategies. With our experienced team of legal, tax and structuring experts we are in a position to give investors efficient support with setting up vehicles for managed accounts. Our services range from selecting the most appropriate vehicle to clarifying regulatory matters and drawing up the necessary legal documentation.

The investment team at Golding Capital Partners has many years of direct investment expertise in all the asset classes we offer and so can design individual strategies across all investment types (primaries, secondaries, co-investments and direct investments).

Via our established company platform we are able to ensure the detailed monitoring of all investments with maximum transparency and visibility.
This service is completed by individual investor reporting packages.

Variable parameters for managed accounts

1. Definition of the investment strategy
Segments, regions, vintage years, investment styles and types

2. Definition of target allocation
Number of funds/investments, commitment volume per investment, selection of managers and instruments

3. Portfolio construction
Definition of investment pace, making investments in the appropriate vehicles, adding secondaries and co-/direct investments to adjust the pace of investment and increase invested capital as necessary.