How we understand sustainability

Sustainability Report

Our aim is to live sustainability from the inside out. Every day, we deal with the question of how we can create positive impact for all generations. Local. Regional. Global.

Sustainability at Golding is diverse

What opportunities do we have as a company to make a positive contribution? What are we already doing today and what goals are we setting ourselves for the future? These are the questions that occupy us intensively and we hold open discussions with our partners.

Our investors want to go in the same direction

Sustainability is at the heart of our company and product strategy. In our first Sustainability Report, we show how we integrate our vision into our daily work, our behaviour and our investment products.

Make a difference.

With our first Sustainability Report 2022/2023, we are also making our path fully visible. We have set ourselves ambitious goals and invite all interested parties to join us on our journey to learn from and with each other.